Tarot Reading #2

enthrallednsac was gracious enough to do a reading for me, as well.

Celtic Cross Spread
Question ~ What does Samantha need to know most right now?

Card 1 ~ (This card represents you) Prince of Swords~ Dramatic Change/New Perspectives/Upheaval

Card 2 ~ (This card represents that which crosses your path) 6 of Swords~ A move to a new location (balance of thought and emotion)

Card 3 ~ (This card shows what crowns you – that which you aspire to) Queen of Cups~ Intuition/Receptivity/Nurturing

Card 4 ~ (This card is at your feet – it is what grounds you) The Hierophant ~ Divine intuition/Knowing Yourself

Card 5 ~ (This card is what is behind you – your immediate past) 9 of Swords ~ Anxiety/Despair/Negative Thoughts

Card 6 ~ (This card represents what is immediately before you) 10 of Swords ~ Endings and Beginnings

Card 7 ~ (This card represents your house/environment) Ace of Cups~ New Relationship?

Card 8 ~ (This card is how you see yourself in the situation) 3 of Swords~ Disappointment/Upheaval/Endings (ready to make way for the new)

Card 9 ~ (This card represents your hopes and fears) 4 of Disks ~ Material Worries/Stagnation

Card 10 ~ (This card represents the most likely outcome) The Hanged Man ~ Sacrifice/Transition/Spiritual Renewal

To put it all together for you:
The Knight of Swords and 6 of Swords tell that you’re ready to make a move. You are feeling the need for balance in your life, and you feel that a move would help get you to that place.

The Queen of Cups and The Hierophant tell you that you’re right. You are in an incredibly intuitive state right now. You are getting signals from the universe from above and below. Right now, you can trust your inner voice. What you feel is RIGHT ON.

Behind you (9 of swords) is a ton of anxiety and despair. Your thinking has been very negative, and it’s been causing you a lot of stress. Before you (10 of Swords) is an ending, which in turn means a beginning. You’re ready for change.

Your environment has the possibility of new love. Someone you already know. (Ace of Cups) You are (understandably) caught up in the stress that comes from endings. (3 of Swords). You may well be feeling disappointed in someone or something – or you may fear BEING disappointed. You are also worried about money (4 of Disks). You are on the verge of spiritual renewal. You are ready to stop worrying about finances and to focus on your spiritual growth. (the Hanged Man) When you are ready, a teacher appears. Be on the lookout for a teacher in the near future.

Swords are the suit of action and thought and this reading was FULL of them. This is all something that is HEAVY on your mind. The move is a good thing. Don’t second guess yourself. You’re VERY in touch with the universe right now.

Again I remind you (and myself)… this and the previous are two different readings, by two different people, both whom I know briefly online and live halfway across the country.

I am again reassured and uplifted by these words.

All is well.


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